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R Ranch Goldens Stud Contract 

Stud Fee of $ __________ to be received and paid on_______________ in full, prior to first mating of 

Stud dog -AKC Reg # / owner ___________________________________________________

Bitch dog-AKC Reg#_______________________________/


The Stud Dog owner enters into this agreement with the owner of above listed Bitch with the intent to help the Bitch owner to produce healthy puppies which, in both type and temperament, will be good representatives of the Golden

Retriever breed. It is also agreed that all live puppies resulting from this breeding will be sold only on an AKC limited registration [with no breeding rights] One puppy however may be eligible for full registration for an additional $500,00 charge and with the following expectations ,that at the age of 2 yrs all OFA clearances and genetic testing has been done and passed including hips/elbows, eyes, heart and 5 panel genetic testing for golden retrievers.  At that time owner of said pup will produce proof of all required results to stud owner and full registration will be given without fear of breech of contract It is at this time the additional $500. spoken of earlier will be paid to stud owner  If pup does not pass testing no fee shall be required and no breeding right will be given If that is not the ultimate goal of both breeders, this contract should not be fulfilled.

Bitch Qualifications

1. Bitch must have adult registration papers from the American Kennel Club Registry, and must be over

18 months of age (prior to conception).

2. Bitch must be certified clear of Canine Hip Dyspepsia by either OFA or Penn Hip radio graphs, and hold current OFA eyes and heart clearances, along with  5 panel Genetic testing for golden retrievers, 

Results must be shared with Stud owner.

3. Bitch should have no disqualifying faults as per breed standard

4. Bitch owner must provide Brucellosis  test results performed within 14 days of the expected breeding,

along with a min. of two progesterone tests showing rise in elevation ,and at an 8.0 or above

5. Bitch owner certifies that said Bitch has not been exposed to any other Stud Dog from the start of her

heat cycle, and is in good health.

6. Bitch owner will be required to provide a copy of sales contract for limited registration for each buyer 

Stud Dog Qualifications, Guarantees, and Fees

1. Stud Dog must have adult registration papers from the American Kennel Club Registry.

2. Stud must be certified clear of Canine Hip Dysplasia by either OFA or Penn Hip radio graphs .

3. Stud owner certifies with test results that stud has acceptable sperm count levels. Individual sperm

should be well-formed and motile.

4. Stud owner certifies with test results (conducted after the last breeding) that said Stud is free of

canine brucellosis and is in good health at the time of breeding or semen collection.

6. The stud fee, shall be paid in full prior to first mating or insemination by cash or certified check.

Other payment arrangements must be made beforehand by breeder /Stud Dog owner, and must be

carried out with the risk and full knowledge of said party.

7. The owner of the Stud Dog guarantees conception of two puppies. If at least two puppies are not

conceived, a second breeding will be provided.

8. If, after second mating or insemination, the Bitch fails to conceive, Stud services will be offered

once more, only after the Bitch has undergone complete reproductive examination and has had

ovulation timing, and Stud has had sperm testing (if not done so already).

9. The stud fee shall not be refunded or transferred, in whole or in part, for any reason, except as

specifically provided within this contract.

Natural Breedings

Bitch Owner Responsibilities

1. Bitch owner is responsible for transportation of Bitch to and from Stud Dog owner’s care.

2. Bitch owner is responsible for providing enough food and any Special dietary needs while at Stud owner's facility (eq.

supplements, food allergies, etc.) feeding is the Stud owner's responsibility

3. Bitch owner must have knowledge of Bitch’s heat cycle and ovulation for good timing between

Bitch and Stud.

4. Breeding between Bitch and Stud should be between five to seven days in length. After that period,

responsibility of said Bitch reverts back to Bitch owner, unless previously agreed upon by breeders.

5. Bitch owner must be aware of the physical and nutritional needs a breeding Bitch MUST HAVE for

healthy prenatal care and safe delivery of live puppies. If the Bitch owner is an inexperienced breeder,

it is recommended that that she/he be in contact with more experienced breeders, or have a breeding


Stud Dog Owner Responsibilities

1. Stud owner must have safe, secure housing facilities (eq. concrete pad with 6ft. chain-link fence,

topped with roof cover, and wire crate) for the bitch during her visit to the Stud.

2. The breeding Bitch will be provided with normal, everyday care while residing with the Stud owner.

This does not include special dietary concerns and extensive exercise regimes.

3. Stud owner guarantees a minimum of one mating or “tie” between the Bitch and Stud., In the event

that a (timely) natural mating looks unlikely. the use of AI’s will be added with the following

agreement; that the Bitch owner pay all cost of vet expenses for collection and AI procedures ,using stud dog’s


4. Stud owner will release and sign AKC litter registration form only after all fees and requirements of this signed contract has been met by Bitch owner

Any further agreement between the parties is set forth below:

This contract contains the entire agreement of both parties and shall be construed and enforced in

accordance with the requirements of the laws of the local court systems. Both parties stipulate that

there are no other agreements beyond those that are set forth in this document. If any legal action

occurs, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover reasonable costs and attorney’s fees. Each party

acknowledges that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of this R Ranch Goldens

Stud Contract and have voluntarily entered into and executed this agreement.

Stud Owner- ______________________________                 date ________________

Bitch Owner-________________________________                  date________________  


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